Tax Planning and Preparation

Tax laws are constantly changing and many of our clients have unique and complex business and family arrangements that include S Corporation, partnerships and trusts.  Our goal is to help you by providing effective business and family tax planning that allows you to take advantage of opportunities to achieve financial success through tax minimization. Our services include:

  • Choice of Entity – A careful analysis of a business owner’s specific tax and non-tax considerations and objectives must be performed before choosing the most appropriate legal form of doing business. We have the experience and know-how to assist you in identifying objectives and weighing all the factors to reach the best conclusion, in collaboration with legal counsel.
  • Business Acquisitions and Dispositions - Business acquisitions and dispositions have their own set of tax issues, such as different taxation regarding the different legal forms of merger or acquisitions, issues regarding buy/sell arrangements, purchase price allocation, employment contracts, etc.  We can help guide you through the transaction to achieve beneficial tax results.
  • S Corporations – Because of our closely held and family business focus, we have the experienced to guide business owners through the complex maze of federal and state tax laws that pertain to S corporations.
  • Partnerships – Both general and limited partnerships offer a high degree of flexibility in terms of operations and ownership.  With that degree of flexibility comes complexity in the taxation of partnerships and partners.  We can help guide you through all types of partnership tax issues, including entities organized as a Limited Liability Corporation. 
  • Family Limited Partnerships (FLP) – This popular estate planning tool has many attractive features and benefits; but many variable and complexities are also involved. We understand FLPs and can assist you in analyzing the variables and guide you toward the most effective planning tools for their situation.
  • Trusts – Whether you have a special needs trust, marital trust, irrevocable life insurance trust, grantor trusts, or other simple or complex type trust, we can help you sift through the various tax issues of fiduciary returns.
  • C Corporations – Taxation of closely held C corporations and their shareholders is a very complex area of tax law that offers opportunities and traps for the unwary. We have had many years of experience in dealing with these issues.
  • Consolidated Tax Returns – The laws regarding the taxation of consolidated returns are very complex and continually changing.  We have the experience in the use of consolidated returns for operations of all sizes.
  • Multi-State Taxation – If you are operating in more that one state, or are thinking about expanding into other states, we can help guide you through the tax issues involved in multi-state operations.
  • Representation before IRS and state taxing authorities – While we cannot guarantee an outcome in any type of tax examination, you can be certain that will be aggressive advocates for you in every instance where reasonable doubt exists as to the correct application of the law in a given factual pattern. We have a thorough understanding of how examinations are conducted and how disputes can be resolved most efficiently.